Faerie Pirate

I laughed, remembering the moment years ago. I almost wish I hadn’t converted, given up my Earthen nature to become a Water Wanderer, just so I could rub it in his face.

“I am Rita! Captian of the Naiad! Sailor of the Eleven Seas of Fae! Take that, Zair!” I called to the open, salty air.

My ragtag crew of outcast creatures shouted in unison, “Aye!”

Just then, three giggling shadows began to circle the Naiad. “Crap! Will I never learn to stop attracting naiads?”
They begrudge the naming of my ship. They think it’s too ugly to be named for them. Ugly! My treasure, my Naiad.

And then came the wrinkly, ghostly white hands up over the rim, trying to sink the ship.

“All hands on deck!” I commandeered. “Code blue. Ready your most intimidating outcast face!”

All hands ran to the sides and stared down the naiads. The tired eventually of being scowled at and left, as they always do.

“That’s right! Fear the scowl of Rita! Captain of the Naiad! Faerie pirate!”

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