Are there pills for it?

Of course, the time machine had to be in Franklin. Franklin- where things blew up unexpectedly. Now it’s official, he thought, I am a masochist

Who sends their past self to a place that could kill them? Actually, the imminent death wasn’t really a problem, not if he had to marry Amy. The part he disliked most about the entire scenario was how bossy his future self seemed to be, specifically bossiness without detailed instructions.

Driving always helped him think; too bad he only had ½ an hour to do it. What could possibly happen to him that would require a time machine? How do you work a time machine? Who invented it? Are there pills for masochism?

“NOW ENTERING FRANKLIN â€? And then, “I hope future Sam isn’t an idiotâ€? took precedence over his other wonderings.

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