*1*2*3*4*5* Things

1. I love someone so much it makes me want to die, it hurts so bad that they are right there, but I can’t have him. That ‘even if he did’ love me back, it wouldn’t matter, because I know we’ll never be together.
2. I pretend to be an opptomist to make people happy. I say I’m a realist to make me happy. I am a pessimist, it’s rather unhappy.
3. People don’t get me. Ever. I can’t even get into… it makes me so freaking mad. Example, I would die, do anything to protect almost anyone. I would let myself be tortured and rot for the sake of others, because they mean more than me, I am less than them because I don’t value my own life. No one would believe me when I say that, they don’t even get me.
4. Religion, ghosts, paranormal crap, and all of that junk makes me so mad. But, I don’t want to be offensive (I’m a wimp)... and that’s the only time I will say that I hate those things.
5. Don’t judge me. I change too much. I rediscover myself all the time. So don’t even go there. Yet, I’ve always been the same.

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