Her First Time

“I’ve never been to Central Park before,” she said sweetly, clutching to his arm. It was her first time to the city, she was wide-eyed and naive, and she clung to his every word.

“Its just a quick subway ride up there. We’ll catch the F train and take it straight through,” he said glancing at a map, even though it was imprinted solidly in his mind from years of riding the trains. Her eyes grew hazy and she looked scared.

“Can’t we just walk?” She stammered.

“You’re wearing heels. And besides, do you know how far Central Park is from the Lower East End?” He looked at her, she felt like a silly girl, hopelessly lost.

“According to the map, two inches,” she said trying to be clever. He smiled, and gave her a quick hug.

“Really, it just doesn’t look safe, and these people, I just don’t know,” she said turning away. He pulled her back.

“I ride this train everyday, and do I have one scratch?” He said smiling.

“What about a cab?” she yelled as the train screeched onto the platform.

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