Amaya choose a machine quite a distance away from me.
I didn’t mind. We both began to sort and pile. A regular here, I was finished before her and so plopped down into on of the few hard plastic chairs provided that all are pushed up against the entrance walls.
She turned towards me and hoisted herself up on top of the machine next to hers with very little effort. I raised my eyebrows but only got a shrugged shoulder in return.
“So,â€? she tried.
“Sooo…â€? I mimicked, making things hard for her. She didn’t seem to mind, just almost smiled. Huh, cute.
“What do people talk about in the laudromat while waiting for their clothes to wash and dry?â€?
“Hmmm,â€? I pondered. What did I want to talk to Amaya about? So many things popped up..
I had so many questions, but after a moment’s pause of concentrated thought, I narrowed my eyes and in the most dead business tone I could manage, answered simply with, “Undergarments.”

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