High on Happiness

He let go of my hand and I turned around, heading in the direction of the bathroom.
His room is so cool. And, not to mention amazingly neat. His bed was gigantic, probably twice the size of mine, if not more.
Back in his room, Garrett sat on a beanbag chair, ipod in his hands. “Let me see your playlist.” I said boldly. He handed me the ipod, as I scrolled through all of is songs, I realized that we had more in common than I thought. “Garrett,” I said looking him in the eye “your playlist is incredible, I have all the same songs! Oh, except for this song, whatever it is. Oh my god, I also don’t have Barbie Girl on my ipod either, but that’s about it.” he grinned sheepishly, like he forgot that song was on there.
“C’mon, who doesn’t like that song?” I said grabbing his hands and dancing all around the room like a crazy woman “I’M A BARBIE GIRL , IN A BARBIE WOOOOORLD …”.
I was high on happiness. A new side of Macy was now showing, here with Garrett in his room.

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