Lady Cook

“What plan?” I asked hesitantly.
“It’s not much.” said Corbluff. “But I am not at liberty to reveal it at this point in time.”
“But don’t you worry, my sweet.” he said flashing me a grin. “I’m am quite sure you will enjoy it.”

That was the last conversation about it I ever had with him. I didn’t do much aboard the Blue Meander, which really started to make me uncomfortable. I wasn’t used to not doing anything, so one day I went down to the Captain’s chamber and asked if I could be allowed to cook for the men. At first he was reluctant, but he agreed when I pointed out it would do the crew some good to have food that they actually liked.
So from then on I was the cook for the Blue Meander. The original cook became my assistant, he didn’t much care for cooking. The crew even gave me a nickname, “Lady Cook.”
All was going just fine until the Blue Meander came under attack.
By Pirates.
Sir Henry Corbluff looked up at the Jolly Roger and sighed. “Whatever happened to good old fashioned lying?”

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