I walk to the balcony door. I feel the heat on my face as I get closer to the glass. I slide open the door and step out into the sunlight.

Surprisingly the weather is cooperating today. The sun shines in a clear blue sky. I close my eyes, tilt my head back and breathe deeply.

I rack my brain trying to remember the last time I had been outside. I am disappointed when I can’t. Now that I know I won’t ever step through the balcony door again, I find myself wishing I had more often.

I hear my name. I take another deep breath and step back through the door. I feel the heat work its way done my back as I walk further back into the room.

I’m told to sit down and get comfortable. I turn back to take one last look out, but the curtains are already being drawn. I feel a hand on my head and obediently tilt my head forward.

I nod slowly as I’m asked if I’m ready. I feel a hand on the back of my neck. I keep my head steady and close my eyes. Then coldness, pain and blackness.

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