Convince Me Just A Little Bit More

“I can’t believe you made me do that.”

“Oh come on, it was hilarious.”

“Yeah, it sorta was.”

I shut off my cell. Phase Two of my dare was about to commence.

“So wait,” I said, getting some toilet paper out of my bathroom, “we have to TP his house too, right?”

“TP?! Please, that is so oldschool. We need some eggs, do you have any?”

“Yeah, but are you sur-”

“I’ve done this plenty of times! His parents aren’t home, according to his neighbor, and we need to get back at him! Are you in, or not? It’ll be totally fun, I promise.”

“Well, uh..”

“Great. Should we take the whole carton or what?”

I was silent.

She sighed and came over to me. “Look. You’ll feel alot better once this is over. Just look at what I did to my ex!”

“Oh yeah!” I started to laugh. “Did he ever get his car back?”

“Yeah, but you can still see the dents in it and you can tell it’s been in the water.”

“Alright fine, I’m in.”

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