Hugs And Daggers

When Anna walked up to me and Angela, I felt…
Well, I was happy. Let’s just say that. And furthermore I remembered that I had been looking for her.
“Anna!” I cried, going over to her and hugging her tightly. Her body went rigid with surprise, then relaxed as she hesitantly returned the gesture.
“Um, James.” she started. “I just saw you a couple hours ago.”
“Yes, James. You only saw her a couple hours ago.” said Angela from behind me.
I realeased Anna and turned to Angela.

What is her issue?

“So?” I demanded. “Am I not allowed to be happy to see her? She didn’t open The Book. She saved my life!”

“So did I.” Angela pointed out.

“I’m grateful.” I looked over at Anna. “I was just going for a snack. Do you want to come?”
Anna grinned. “A snack would be great right about now.”
We walked off down the hallway, unaware of the daggers Angela was glaring at our retreating backs.

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