Sick, Part 2

Getting him out of the country took some finagling. She had switched the morphine & saline vials. When they went through the checkpoint and her “morphine“ was confiscated, she still had the real thing to give him. She prayed that she would have him out of the country before her duplicity was discovered. Also she had used up her IV neosynephrine and the dopamine stock was down to her last bag. She really didn’t want to think about tapping into her levophed stock. She was terrified about running these medication without an IV pump and levophed would be the worst to control in such primitive surroundings. An IV pump battery would had died long ago on the crazy 9 hour cross country road trip. She rarely touched any of these medications anymore because by this point natives were expecting death and their medical system didn’t have the resources to continue extreme aggressive treatment, even for the young and strong.

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