Sick, Part 3

But she had seen it many times, run these drugs on many patients back in America, including those who probably shouldn’t have received it. Full lifesaving measures on 93 year old grandmas whose cancer ridden bodies were fatigued from the fight and eyes were begging for cessation.

Dr. Schmidt from Dusseldorf had worked with her on 4 missions now and trusted her judgement with critical patients. In fact many times he had left her to manage the night shift with a “do whatever you think.“ When they had packed him up for the trip Dr. Schmidt had piled extra IV fluids on board with a quiet “you’ll need it.“ She just nodded. Of course she’d need it. He was going to get much worse before he got better. She had the IV antibiotics & morphine in the false seat bottom in the back of the Land Rover. It was a nice invisible one which was good with the “patrols“ she kept running into. She suspected some of the patrols were more highwaymen instead of government troops.

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