Sick, Part 4

She just wished Antoine would be able to get them there faster. Peter’s fever was climbing. She directed Antoine to drive them to the British embassy. The passport she had found in his items indicated dual US/UK citizenship with a current address listed in Cardiff, Wales. At the moment she trusted the British to get them out of the country quicker than the Americans. The Americans would probably fly him out to Ramstein where she would loose touch with his care. She thought the Brits would allow her to see him through to London without much hassle. She had a passport with UN personnel badge so pretty much any of the member nations would help her. Plus she was sure MI5 would wait until they had touched down in the UK to grill her. The CIA would start the minute she walked through the door without caring if her patient was stable. The Brits had more class that way. She’d still be under surveillance until she’d been debriefed, but they’d let her continue to care for her patient before the questioning began.

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