Sick, Part 5

As luck would have it when Antoine pulled in front of the British consulate just before she ran out of dopamine. The Scotsman who was pulling guard duty apparently recognized the face of her patient. So when she started barking order that she needed the facility physician and more dopamine, she got an immediate response. Dr. Smythe luckily had started his career as A&E physician who had had frequent exposure to shock trauma. She rattled off report with the succinct rapid fire staccato of the experienced critical care provider with a few questions from Dr. Smythe occasionally interjected to clarify her American terms & usage with his British experience (even medicine has its regional dialects). When he started rattling off mcg/kg/min to the consulate nurse and her blank look at him, the American took over. “Look just go look in the IV medication supplies. Find Dopamine. D-O-P-A-M-I-N-E. And a 250 mL bag of Normal Saline, that’s 0.9% Sodium Chloride. And your IV pump. I’ll handle it.

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