Sick, Part 6

Right now, you need a nurse who knows how to care for the critically ill. And right now I appear to be the only one in country.“

The Scotsman from the Guard popped his head into the infirmary. “RAF has one going wheels up in an hour. They can make room for you if you want.”

“Do it.“

“Someone medical has to go. They can rig a stretcher, but they’re staffed as a cargo plane not medical.“

“Clear me through.“ She threw him her passport.

The flight to London was bumpy and uncomfortable. She kept talking to him to keep herself awake. “I’m taking you home. To London. I know it is not my home. Listen to me, you hear America in my accent. The Southland. I actually grew up in the area that was the border between the Appalachian and the Mississippi Delta accents. That is one of the most prejudiced places on the planet in my opinion. Sometimes I wonder how I came out of a place like that.

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