He opened his eyes. At least he thought he did. It was so black, it was hard to tell. The air felt stuffy and stale, as if he had very little of it and what there was had settled and stilled.

He turned his head trying to see where he was but it was no good. He attempted to shuffle up on his elbows when his head thumped against the smooth roof. What the… he thought.

He slapped his hands against the roof, feeling his way down. A gasp of comprehension escaped his lips. Panic began to set in as he desperately punched and kicked at the roof. He felt the wood give after a particularly brutal strike that left his skin ragged and bleeding.

He screamed as fetid, damp earth poured in. It filled his mouth, stifling him. Spluttering, he fought and clawed his way upwards. He dug through the dirt even as the stench of it sickened him.

He continued to squirm and swim until finally he broke free. He took great gulps of blessed air and sobbed. He opened his eyes and saw her before him, smiling.

“Hello my love.”

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