Stovohobo Inspired - The Count and Company

The Count gave an evil grin and, clearing his throat in an ostentatious fashion, thrust the lever forward. Miri was immediately thrown into complete darkness, and presently realized that she was falling.

She landed with a gentle “thump”, on something that felt a bit like foam. “Hello?” She called softly. She couldn’t see her own hands. “Is anyone down here?” A snicker came from somewhere- all around her, it seemed, startling her.

A candle was lit somewhere a few yards off, but she still couldn’t see much. “Okay, I think this is a misunderstanding,” Miri muttered. “I don’t even know this Count guy, I just came here at the wrong time…”

A girl around her age stepped out of the darkness and smiled wildly. “Too late, darling. You are one of us now.”

Miri looked up with a jolt. 15 or so teenagers stood around her as she sat on a foam mattress, all grinning at her.

“Welcome home,” they whispered, all as one. “One of us.”

Miri screamed.

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