The Song Inside Me

Sometimes I just need to let it all go.

The bitterness, the disappointment, the hate. I can’t hold on to that – it changes me too much, makes me into a person I hardly even know any more.

Some days, I am content just to be alive, just to be right here right now, smiling up at a bluebottle sky. On days like those days, the air seems to hum with a certain melody that only I can hear. A certain musical quiver of happiness that sets my heart to singing.

The thrill of being human, witness to a moment of personal perfection.

There’s not enough reckless dancing in this world. Not enough moving to the beat of your own heart. There’s not enough wide-eyed wonder. Splashing through puddles. Kicking up dust.

Stirring things up.

When things become too much for me, I find the need to make my own music. Let it all go. Close my eyes and suddenly I’m not behind the barn in the back field, but in the middle of a Victorian ball or on an elegant French stage.

Just me. Me and this song inside me.

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