Jolly Roger Explores A New Land: A Cap'n Scally Wag Tale

While Captain Scally Wag was finishing off his mortal enemy Captain Swash Buckle, I, first mate Jolly Roger went off to explore this strange new land on my own.
I glanced back at the dramatic scene unfolding behind me. I swear! This is the kind of scurvy behavior that gives pirates a bad name!
I walked through the trees with great care, trying to discover if this newfangled place was inhabited.
It was.
What I saw caused me to run back to Captain Scally Wag, shame faced and shaken.
“Whatsa matter, lad?” Scally Wag demanded. “Catfish got yer tongue?” He laughed loudly at his own joke.
“Cap’n! Theres strangs things on this here isle. It ain’t natural! It’s accursed!”
Captain Scally Wag guffawed. “Accursed? Don’t worry, me hearty! There’s nothin’ ta fear!”
Me hearty?? I thought. No one talks like that! I continued to warn him.
“Please Cap’n!” I cried. “I seen things, shouldnta done seen!”
Captain Scally Wag’s eyes grew dark. “I’ll have no argumentation! We are staying.”
I shivered. Oh No.

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