My Own Awesome Answers

I feel like I have answered so many of these quizzes already, but I just can’t stop, they are so addicting!!!

1. Josh Hutcherson. I absolutely love him!!!!!!

2. Blake Lewis!!! And only because he is too old for me to date!! lol

3. Soccer. I can’t even imagine it, getting paid to play soccer, wow, that is the life!!

4. Gilmore Girls (When it was still on) I would get to meet Milo!!!!

5. Reading minds, I always want to know what people really think.

6. That’s hard because I don’t really want to be in any bands, but I don’t know I guess FOB would be fun.

7. Logan from my first series. He would ditch Dani to be with me!!!! I Heart Logan!! That is why I created him!!!

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