Silent Lily (Part One)

Lily was out for her usual late night walk. She likes the night better, just her and the stars. As she starts to get lost into one of her day dreams about dragons and vampires and other such mythical characters she is thrown back into reality by the sound of Gavin’s voice singing ‘Everything Zen’. She quickly pulls her cell phone from her pocket. The screen reads ‘Mom’. “Hello” “Hey sweetie. What time are you coming home?” “What time is it?” “Just after midnight” “Oh, I will be there soon.” “Ok. Love you.” “Love you too, Mom.” She closes her phone and starts walking toward the house. She lives in a small house, just Karen her mom, Byron her cat, and herself. “It’s not much but it’s better than nothing.” As her mom always says. Lily’s mom, Karen, is a kind woman. Tall and thin, with long black curly hair. Lily is 5’7” and weighs right around 117 pounds. Her hair goes down to the small of her back but unlike her mother’s, her hair is fire red and straight. Lily eyes are a peircing blue with hints of purple.

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