Silent Lily (Part Two)

As she gets to the house she can see byron sitting on the porch. She walks up the steps and he meows at her. “You’re late!” is what he is saying. She gently picks him up. “I know, I know. You could join me on my walks like you used to.” To this he responds by closing his eyes and going to sleep. She walks into the house and lays Byron down on the couch on her way to the kitchen. “Good walk tonight?” “I guess so. It was quiet. More than usual.” “Oh. Maybe there was a monster out there.” They both laugh for a moment then Karen points to a pan on the stove top, “Mac’n’cheese.” “Tuna?” “We’re out. I am going grocery shopping tomorrow. Any thing you want?” “Tuna.” “Ok sweetie” Lily gets a bowl of mac’n’cheese and goes upstairs to her room.

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