Silent Lily (Part Three)

Lily’s room looks like some thing straight out of old England. Very antique and classic. Wood dresser, desk and a full bookshelf. A queen size, wooden, four poster bed, with red and black lace canopy curtains. Dark red curtains in the windows and red satin bed sheets covered by a black with red roses comforter. Byron is curled up on one of the many red pillows on the bed. She sets her bowl down at the end of the bed and walks over to the book shelf and picks up what looks like a large black book and lays it on it’s side on her desk. She opens the cover to show that it is actually a compact disk player, she presses play and a rock mix c.d. begins playing. Lily then sits on her bed and eats her dinner, then lays down and goes to sleep curled up with Byron.

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