Silent Lily (Part Six)

Lily finished her pudding and was getting ready to go on to her next class then she saw some one enter the courtyard. He sparked her interest immediately. He looked to be about 6’2” and had shoulder length dirty blonde hair. She watched him for a couple minutes then decided he had to be a figment of her imagination then went on to Mrs. Wesco’s chemistry class. Lily isn’t fond of chemistry but she knows she has to pass the class to graduate, so she does her best. She walks into class. “Only five minutes early today?” “Yeah, I got caught up in my book.” Mrs. Wesco looks at her suspiciously then says “Ok. Well here ya go.” She hands Lily a packet and a book. “Todays work. I have some thing to take care of. Be right back.” Then Mrs. Wesco got up and left the room.

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