Silent Lily (Part Seven)

Lily takes her seat at the back of the room and begins reading over the packet of work. Her thoughts keep trailing back to the boy in the courtyard. She is suddenly pulled from her thoughts by a knock on the frame of the class room door. She looks up to see him standing there. “Hey, is this six-eighty, Mr. Wesco, science?” She stares at him in silence for a moment then realizes he was asking her, “Mrs. Wesco actually.” “Oh, well I guess this is the place then.” He walks over to the desk beside her and sets his binder down the extends his hand out to her. “My name is Seishun.” “Lily.” And she places her hand in his, he instantly drops to one knee and kisses her hand. “Nice to meet you.” Her face turns red and she withdrew her hand. He cassually stands back up and takes his seat beside her. Lily had already buried herself back into her work in an attempt to hide her blushing face.

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