“Why aren’t you asleep?“ Peter asked coming through the door from a rehearsal that ran late.

“Can’t. The nightmares are right beneath the surface. Waiting for me to fall asleep.“ She petted the dark glass window following the glistening path of a raindrop outside, her forehead touching the glass.

“Then come in and sleep with Danny & me. We’ll be right there when it happens.“

“You know how you get accused of being a 13 year old in an adult body.“


“So what do you do when your body’s 31 and your brain is 100. I’m old. Maybe not physically, but my perceptions, my experiences. I’ve always been old. At 24 I did this ‘fun little quiz’ to determine your mental age. I was 60. At 24, I was 60.“ The tears spilled over her cheeks.

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