Silent Lily (Part Ten)

The rest of the school day passes for Lily in a sort of daze until the bell for school to let out finally rings. She is walking out to her car, then suddeenly there he is. Leaning on the car beside hers. “Wait a sec.. Or is he leaning on my car?? They are identical.. What the hell is going on.” She reads the liscense plates. “6 2 8 G 4 , nope. R A V E N , now that’s my girl. Good, he is leaning on the car beside mine. If it was mine there would be a fight.” She walks straight to her car pretending to not notice him. Then he says to her “I figured that would be your car.” “Oh, how so?” “Very good taste.” he says as he holds up the keys to the car identical to hers. “There isn’t a car better than Raven here. Not even yours.” With that Lily got into her car and as she glanced out her passenger window and saw him getting into his car. She threw it into reverse and was out of her spot and parked behind his car, blocking him in, before he even had his door closed.

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