Silent Lily (Part Twelve)

She pulls into the drive way less than a second ahead of him. She had ‘Closer’ by ‘Nine Inch Nails’ blaring and her windows down. She jumped out of her car through the open window and said “Ha! We beat you!!” She stands there leaning against her car laughing. He turns off his car and gets out. “Nice song. Heh.” “Oh shit!!” She leans in through the window and hits the stereo’s power button then turns off her car and pulls the keys. “Where did you learn to race like that, Lily?” “Boring little town. Got to find some thing fun to do.” “Doesn’t seem so boring to me.” He says in the akward tone like in the class room before. “Well any ways, where did you learn to race?” “The streets.” “You need a new teacher. You lost.” He laughs. “I guess I do. care to be my mentor?” “Yeah right. Try again buddy. Told you no one can beat me and Raven.” she gives the car door a gentle pat. “Well come on in. Might as well grab some food and or drinks while we’re here.”

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