Silent Lily (Part Thirteen)

They walk into her house. She leads him towards the kitchen. On the couch is Byron curled up and purring. Lily picks him up and carries him with her. “So, got yourself a familiar?” “Hm, I suppose I do. Seishun, this is Byron, Byron, this is Seishun. Now play nice boys.” she giggles softly and sets Byron on the floor. “Dr.Pepper, Kool-Aid, Milk? Uhm, Water too.” “Hmm, Dr.Pepper sounds good.” “Mm. My fave.” Lily pulls two cans of Dr.Pepper out of the fridge and sit down at the table. “Well make yourself at home. Mom should be home soon. I will have to introduce you two.” “How am I being so calm, when earlier I was all heart beating and stumbling over myself. Oh who cares, atleast I am finally back to my normal self.” “Thank you, Lily.” “No problem Seishun. I enjoyed the race. So where you from?” “A place really far from here. Small city. You wouldn’t reckognize it.” “Oh ok. Well welcome to ShadowBrook.”

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