Is it a letter? I dunno.

I’ve never been the stereotypical smart kid, blonde chick, southerner, white girl, author…. anything, really. I don’t fit into a social group, tell you the truth.

Most of you know me as the little yellow bumblebee for the picture, I wouldn’t be surprised if you pictured a little bumblebee behind the keyboard, like I picture a panda for someone…. hehe.

I’ve been meaning to join the Billy Joel posse, listening to Billy Joel right now, as a matter of fact. Humming along to “She’s Always A Woman” and just typing this…

I’m a crazy chick, which you all know, I repeat it over and over. OOH ! Awakening… that comes on after Billy Joel… Switchfoot. They rule.

My poor doggy. She has to put up with me all the time.


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