The Letter "H"

I put my hand over my face for one reason.To cover my face so no one could see my tears.
I saw what he did and I felt like I was the one to put him in danger;I was the one to make him hurt like this.But what comforted me is that he risked everything for me.What worried me was that I would never have a chance to say”Thanks”or”I’m sorry”.
I rested my chin on my folded hands and waited.I waited for the world to lift it’s weight off of me.I waited for the Doctor to say,”He’ll survive.”
“Kasey Jones.”
I jumped out of my seat.”Come with me.You may want to say goodbye to your friend.”I stopped in my tracks.Goodbye?How? “No it can’t be,Doctor.Can’t be.”
“Well it can be and it is.”
I ran to his room and saw him scratched and bruised; sad and beaten.
No reply.”You may wanna say goodbye now,”came a voice.
I took Rob’s hand that was covered with dry blood and whispered,”Im sorry.I love you.Forgive me.”I started to cry.It happened so fast.I can still hear the ambulance.But it all happened.Life happened.

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