The Letter

I felt like writing a letter, so I decided to write one to you. You who have held my heart for as long as can be remembered. You who have torn it to pieces with your cruel actions and harsh words. Why do I let you keep my heart, you ask? The answer is simple. I have yet to discover that one thing, that one aspect of your character that binds me to you. How I wish I could find it. If only I could. Perhaps then I could free myself from your spell. Perhaps I’ll finally be able to move on. How I wish I could accept the fact that you don’t want me and probably never will. All you ever do is use me. How I wish I could tell you no. I can’t even claim to love you. Why? Love is a two-way thing. Two people must be involved in its crazy rollercoaster. I can not ride it alone. How I wish these feelings would just disappear. How I wish it would just end.

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