Kiss Scene Challenge (Another band room one, but saddly this one isn't true)

We had known each other for years and had probably loved each other for just as long. One day we were just skipping to the band room like everyone else there when suddenly everyone else found some reason to leave the instrument room.

“How weird, everyone just disappeared in like 5 minutes,” I said. “Yeah completely odd. They must be giving away free food or something,” Ed said. I laughed. I normally laugh when he says something, one of the many things I love about him.

Alone in the instrument room he slid closer to me, thinking I wouldn’t notice but of course I did. “So, what are you doing this weekend?” I asked. “Going to the movie with my girlfriend,” he replied. “What girlfriend? The imaginary one you keep under your bed or something?” He was quiet for a moment. I held my breath. I barely hoped to think about what might come next.

“You,” he whispered as he kissed me gently.

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