Finding Emily

With the laser gun aimed at him, Edison reluctantly unlocked the door. Poe and Holmes stepped out. Poe promptly punched Edison in the face, and he fell to the floor.

“I advise we retire to your time vessel before the alarm is sounded and we are soon overtaken by Edison’s lackeys,” Sherlock said.

“I want to find Emily first and bring her with us,” Tesla said.

“Ah, a woman. Always trouble.”

They followed the sign on the wall pointing to the Anticipated Orders Department. They found Miss Dickinson there lying on a table. She was not active.

“Can I help you gentlemen?” It was a small helper droid.

“No, we’re fine. Just browsing,” Poe said.

“Do you want Mr. Edison to activate her for you? I will go find him,” the little droid said.

“No, no,” Tesla interrupted, “We like her like this. Unconscious.”

“Yes. She is much more fun that way,” Poe blurted out.

The droid gave the closest thing to a strange look that it could before rolling away.

Tesla and Poe carried her to the time machine, Holmes behind them.

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