27.) Find the value of x: 4x3 + 9-

I heard the soft voice of Three Days Grace singing Never Too Late – my ringtone. My purse vibrated and lit up, the people sitting around me glancing over to see what was up. Immedeatly they understood, though, and they went back to their test.

Who’s calling me when I’m in school?!

Once all the noise was over, I opened up my purse and pretended to look for another pencil.

1 New TXT Message; From: Warren.
Do you know who pranked my house?

I reread and reread the TXT , guilt eating away at me each time. After a while, the teacher was becoming suspecious, so I put it on silent and went back to my test.

27.) Find the value of x: 4x3 + 9 = x2 + 17
4 x3 + 9 = x2 + 17
4x + 9 = 17
4x + 9 – 9 = 17 – 9
4x = 8
4x/4 = 8/4
x = 2

28.) I CAN ’T DO THIS !

I couldn’t concentrate. The guilt wouldn’t stop haunting my thoughts, I just.. can’t..

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