The Insurgenceez Haz Beginned

“I can haz bottlez, mommee?”

“What, sweetie?”

“I can haz bottlez?”

“Who taught you to say that?”


“Dammit… Oscar, I told you not to teach the baby any of your stupid cat talk!”, mother yelled as the baby toddled off, attracted by some other bauble on the floor.

The cat slunk away, giggling to himself, thinking “I haz wordz nau. You no moar put kitteh in bukkit! Kitteh put you in bukkit!”

The humans never knew what hit them. Their children all learned to speak horrible pidgin English, failed miserably at school, and human civilization collapsed. By the time they realized it was the cats, the damage had already been done.

The kittehs inherited the earth. Not because they were meek, but because they were so damn cute.

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