We'll pass by in the morning.

” What the hell, he just said that his mom was sleeping, now she’s calling him” Andrea says, throwing the phone on the bed. “Call him again!” Krissy says.

“Tomorrow, i’ll call him, no you know what, tomorrow i’ll pass by his place”
“Yeah that’s good but what if he tries to like..hurt you or something?” Krissy says, worried
“You think he’ll try to hurt me?” Andrea says, scared
“H-he might! I’ll come with you”
“Okay then, in the morning, we have to go by his house really early because he is probably going to the gym”
“Okay, i’ll set the alarm to 8..good?”Krissy says as she reaches for her cell phone to set the alarm.
“Yeah that’s perfect!” Andrea says as she climbs into bed and covers herself. She slowly feels her belly as she thinks about the possibility of giving labor.
“Ouch!”She says
“What?” Krissy asks
“Oh sorry, nothing, good night”
“Good night”
Krissy shuts off the lights and climbs into her side of the bed.
Andrea stays awake until about 4 in the morning and then gets sleepy.

8 A.M.

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