Christian is quiet the charmer.

“Andrea, C’mon get up”Krissy calls out from the bathroom, as she fixes her hair.
“mmmm ok mmm” Andrea says getting up.
“I’m all ready, c’mon get dressed already!”
“Ok ok i’m going”

“Ok, i’m ready”Andrea says as she walks down the stairs.
“Ok, let’s go”
“Where do you think you’re goin’?” Krissy’s twin, Christian says as he sits at the breakfast table, waiting.
“Ummm where do you think i’m going, i’m dressed and heading to the door…OUT!”
Andrea just stands there, amused at the conversation but at the same time nervous, about missing kenny.
“Yeah duh! But we have to eat breakfast first, you know mom, she won’t let you out before you two eat.”
“Ughh Fine!” She turns to andrea, “Sorry hun, but we have to eat breakfast first, a fast one”
“Ok” Andrea says walking toward the table.
“Why are you in my seat?” Krissy asks chris
“It doesn’t have ya name on it” He says as he gets up to pull out the chair for Andrea. “here ya go, Mademoiselle”
“Show off!” Krissy says from across the table.

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