Up All Night, Part 2

I gave Jenna the once over. Pale skinny white girl, early twenties, sexy in a dirty porno kind-of-way. Sweat dried on her skin, and she smelled like sex.

“I ain’t keep you up, did I ?” she drawled in that Michigan accent that sounded both Midwestern and Southern.

“Slept like a baby,” I lied.

“So you just needed ice at 3 AM?”

I shrugged. “I was hot.”

Jenna smirked. “Bet you were. Smoke?” she asked, offering a pack of Red Apple menthols.

“Just quit,” I lied again. “Didn’t hurt your boyfriend too bad, did you?”

“The useless fucker gave out on me, but he’ll live.”

“You kids done for the night, then?”

“Oh, he’s done, alright. I could go for round two, though,” she purred, an invitation left hanging in the air.

I let it hang.

“Well, nice meeting you…” I stammered, stepping over her outstretched leg.

“Enjoy your ice. You sure I didn’t wake you up?”

I shook my head.

“Fuck,” she laughed. “I guess I gotta try harder next time, then.”

I shut my door behind me. This was some shit a brother did not need.

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