Message Sent

“So guess what? I have Bryce’s number!” I said.

“Really?” Asks Bridget as the three of us walk down to her basement.

“Yeah there’s just one problem.”


“He doesn’t know I have it.”

So we spent the night trying to figure out how I could text him in a non-creepy stalkerish way.
So I came up with something pretty lame.

Heyy Bryce, this is Nora, Lindsay gave me your number and told me 2 text you and ask you how your xmas was. So how was your xmas?

I pressed send.
I can not believe I just did that!!!

Message Failed

I looked at my phone. Wow what a miracle. Of course there isn’t any reception down here! Phew I felt better now. Linz and Bridget thought I was a pussy.

Later that night, around midnight I’m looking through my phone and rethinking the whole text message. I wish I just had enough guts to send it!!

I resent it. I wasn’t worried though. Remember, no reception. I closed my phone.
It beeped.

Message Sent

I looked at my cell, there was one bar.

Uh oh

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