It’s crazy how any day, for pretty much anyone can look just about as normal as yours. You wake up every morning, throughout the same routine. People in New York, you imagine, may be rushing here and there, getting past another stranger. People here don’t have to rush anywhere, the sidewalks run on empty until the early afternoon hits with the city’s children from elementaries and “high schools”. At least in my city it is the way that I see it. My city has never had enough room to get past another stranger, you will find the same ones on every turn and corner. New-Yorkers come and go to each other, but Escondidians never seem to reach full recovery and this is why you’d want to live here. But tonight, I could not help but wonder, what is there beyond every single individual that you might embrace in any way shape or form? What is there behind that person that you run into every single day in the hall that smiles back at you? What is there behind the ex that calls you several months later?

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