Evangeline takes a step. [Mundane Moments Challenge]

Evangeline took a deep breath and began.

“Just put one foot in front of the other. Take it one step at a time, honey. There’s no need to rush.”

She was supported on both sides by her mother and the nurse. This was the first time she’d been on her feet in a year, and her legs felt wobbly and unsure, as though she were a newborn colt instead of the vibrant young woman she was. Well, at least she was once, before the accident that threw her off the horse and broke her back.

With those first few steps, she was starting to feel some of her old confidence again, the confidence which was robbed from her the night when she overheard her mother speaking with the doctor—

“Will my daughter be able to walk again?”

“We’re not sure, given the nature of the fracture. Only time will tell…”

Thinking back to that horrible night, she suddenly stumbled. But then she felt her mother’s strong hands holding her. She looked into her calm eyes.

“You can do this, Evie.”

Evangeline took a deep breath and kept walking.

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