Should I..

Our lunches had been forgotten as Kait and I were leaning over my cell phone.

1 New TXT ; From: Warren:
Go out with me.

“Pshh!” Kait said, “You hate him right?”


“Yeah, but I have to make it up to him somehow, right? And if things don’t work out then I can always dump him.” I said.

“Whatever. So what are you gonna say? Be hard to get, that always works.”

“I don’t think hard to get works over the phone.”

“Well he’s in school somewhere, right?”

“He wasn’t in homeroom.”

“Then he’s skipping – I almost did that today too.”

I punched her in the arm. “So what should I say?”

“Just say something like.. sure, whatever. I’ll see you tomorrow you extreme hottie that I just happen to hate. And by the way, I’ll dump you within a week!

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