Her First Time Coming to Terms

The train made another stop, the operator calling out, “Lower East Side! Lower East Side, next stop Lafayette!”

Nancy had no idea what he was shouting about, but it must have been important, she thought. The train had filled a variety of passengers, small elderly women shouting vibrantly in Chinese, pulling little carts behind them, high school age kids in hoodies, laughing and playing with their ipods, and an array of foreigners Nancy couldn’t begin to recognize.

She slowly peeked inside her purse, her wallet was still there, and she had her debit card and cash on hand, but she couldn’t find the cell phone Ben had let her borrow, in case of emergencies. And this seemed like an emergency. She also couldn’t find Ben’s address, which he had given her in case she forgot how to get back home, which would have been easy since she figured a cab could get her anywhere. Just like in the movies.

But it wasn’t like the movies here. The movies lie. The city I know is much better, she thought.

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