Sleepless on the Island

I lay in a dark room as the clock hits 3, but i still can’t sleep. Finally, i sit up, put on my shoes, and stuff a few cold beers in my jacket before i head out the door.As i light my cigarette i cant help but take in a deep breath of the cool breeze comming in off the shore. It’s not summer yet, so the beach is not how I remember it in the summer time.There are no tourists, and the town seems quaint and slow. Its also much cooler now, which is not a feeling i typically associate with being on the island. I walk up towards the harbor, passing different hotels and restaurants along the way, but its going on 4 am and the town is desolate now so i feel like im walking through a ghost town.As i make it to the Pointe i crack a beer and light up a jack before i lay down on the pier. The only sound is that of the water, so I set my empty bottle on the dock beside me and I listen to it hum in the wind as if someone is playing a tune.As i stare up at the stars i can’t help but be overcome with a feeling of loneliness.

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