Her First Time Reading a Map

Nancy was becoming more and more fearful as the train made its stop at Lafayette. Most of the passengers had departed, and Nancy was left clutching her bag and trying not to curl up into fetal position. A girl close to her age had gotten on at the last stop, and sat directly across from Nancy. She would periodically stare with an amused expression in Nancy’s direction.

“Hey, you’re not from here are you?” The girl said with a smile. Nancy withdrew even further into her seat. She wasn’t sure what a safe answer to this question would be, but she didn’t exactly have a choice since she was hopelessly lost.

“No, I’m not. In fact, I’m really lost. This is my first time on a subway, and my boyfriend lost me at the platform and I have no idea where I’m going!” Nancy blurted out, trying to stifle a tear.

“Shit!” The girl said, “Wow, I’m sorry. Hey listen, maybe I can help.” She began to dig through a large messenger bag, and extracted a small map, in which she unfolded and handed to Nancy.

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