Her First Time Meeting a New Yorker

The girl came over, sitting next to Nancy. She pointed out various train stops and explained how the subway system worked. Nancy felt highly grateful, and less afraid of the city people. If this girl was so helpful, maybe everyone else wasn’t so bad, she thought.

“Do you know where your boyfriend lives?” The girl asked.

“He wrote down the address, but I lost it. I think it was somewhere near Chinatown?” Nancy said doubtedly.

“What about a cell number? You could call him,” the girl suggested.

“I lost his number too!” Nancy said, suddenly realizing she had done so.

“My name is Mya,” the girl said, distracting Nancy from her woes, “Look, if its any consolation, why don’t you just stick with me for awhile? I have to run a few shopping errands, and then I could help you back to your boyfriend’s. I live close to Chinatown so it wouldn’t be a problem.”

“I don’t know…” Nancy said worried.

“Really, I remember my first time getting lost, it sucks,” Mya said, “I was new here too once.”

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