Mr. Nefarious and Sonny Schore 2

The rotten Cod fish fell apart when the custodian attempted to remove it, sluecing through his fingers, splattering on the heating pipes, sizzling like Sonny’s anger rising with the pungent smoke.

The custodian stood with the skeleton like a child posing for the camera at a macabre Sea World. Like a disgusted doofus.

Sonny erupted, “Hello! Are we awake in there?” His voice grew louder. “Get on your little pushcart, find the right spray bottle, and do your GOD DAMN job!”

Sonny reeled back to his desk and shuffled papers furiously without purpose. Anger seethed into his thoughts, polluting his ability to function or speak with patience.

“Whoa, what the fu…” A student shambled in Sonny’s classroom waving his hand by his nose.

“Class is cancelled, son. Go on get out of here. Enjoy your afternoon.” Sonny mustered a rare nicety with every bit of his snakelike being muscleing against it.

I will find who did this so help me, Sonny fumed.

Outside, Mr. Nefarious puffed his pipe with glee.

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