Andrea and krissy go to kenny's house!

“Shut up!” Chris yells at Krissy.
Krissy and Andrea both eat very quickly and get up from the table. “Let’s go?” Krissy asks.

“Yeah i’m ready!”
As they leave, andrea turns around to look if she’d left anything at the table, and sees chris looking at her in admiration. She shrugs and walks out. They get into the car.
“I think Christian likes you”
“Uhhh why would you say that?”
They began to drive off in the direction of Kenny’s house.
“I just think he does, he pulled out the chair for ya..and trust me he’s not a gentleman with everyone.”Krissy says.
“Well you know the situation i’m in right now, it would be really stupid if i lead him on, like i did to lucas.”
“Oh yeah, what are you gonna do with Lucas, he’s sucha nice guy!”
“I know but…this” She says pointing to her belly.
They arrive at Kenny’s house just in time, he’s standing outside with his friend mike and they’re about to leave.
“Kenny!”Andrea says.
Kenny turns to Mike and he says “Let’s go!”
“Wait right there, i need to talk to you!”

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