Elevator III: The Completed Trilogy

“Whoa! Oh. Oh, I see. The floor is a window and… Wow, are we high up!”


“Now the walls are becoming windows! Oh man, look at that view! Glad we’re on the side of the building and not in middle, don’t ya agree, T?”

“I… I did not notice those viewscreens when we entered.”

“Viewscreens? You mean the windows.”

“Er, yes, the ‘windows’.”

“You were scared pretty bad there for a moment.”

“I most certainly was not.”

“Heh heh, you should have seen the look on your face!”

“Quiet, D.”

“It was all, ‘Oh no! We’re gonna die!’ haha!”


“No so high and mighty now are you? ‘Use your brain like me! I am T and I am so great! Nothing can get to me… Help we’ve been tricked!’ eheh.”

“I said shut up, you insolent cretin! I am already regretting bringing you despite the fact that you have a desirable skill with persuasion. Watch your back after this because I WILL KILL YOU !”

“Gentlemen, please. Calm yourselves. Step into my office and we can begin the negotiations.”

The elevator had arrived.

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